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Wautoma, WI

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Entertainment has changed since the era of all-night sing-alongs, candle lighting ceremonies, row boat races, thespians on the beach, ski shows, beauty pageants and boat parades. Today's Silvercryst Resort & Motel now hosts live music every week. Water skiing and boating are also favorite pastimes on Silver Lake.


The simple pleasures of relaxing on the beach, enjoying a picnic, basking in the sun or swimming in an azure lake have not changed since the earliest days.

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The Silvercryst Resort & Motel was originally established in 1894 by William Walker and has evolved from a log cabin-style resort into the elegant supper club/resort/motel complex it is today.


The numerous architectural changes made over the years include modernization of the kitchen area and Lakeside Dining Room. The Lakeview Lounge has been enlarged and an entertainment facility has been constructed. A modern 13 room motel was added with all rooms facing beautiful Silver Lake. All renovations have been made with respect to the colorful history and rustic beauty of The Silvercryst Resort & Motel.

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Mike Pfaller and James Heck, longtime employees, purchased The Silvercryst Resort & Motel in April 2000. Their collective future plans for this historic establishment include enlarging the motel and maintaining the high standard of excellence that patrons are accustomed to.


One thing at The Silvercryst Resort & Motel remains constant today as it did in 1894; people love the natural beauty of a location nestled in a grove of virgin pine trees. A beautiful spring-fed lake with white sand beaches and pine-laden air continues to inspire and please the senses.

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